ZUCO 103

18 May 2023


Groundbreaking, surprising and innovative: Zuco 103 knows how to surprise their listeners! The Dutch band was formed in 1990 by Dutch drummer Stefan Kruger, German keyboardist Stefan Schmid and Brazilian-Dutch singer Lílian Víeira. They will be in BIRD on Thursday 18 May!

The band pioneered the ‘Brazilectro’ genre by combining Brazilian, jazzy and electronic elements. Zuco 103’s sound is characterized by a combination of diverse styles including drum & bass, dub and afro. From Ethiopia to Cuba and West Africa, Zuco 103 draws inspiration from music from around the world.

The band has been active in the scene for a long time and this can be seen in all their successes: In 2000 the band won the Heineken Crossover Award and in 2003 an Edison Audience Award. In 2004, the band was nominated for a BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music in the Club Global category. After several years of radio silence, the band returned in 2015 with a new EP, called Apocalypso . With a new album just around the corner, you are guaranteed to be surprised with fresh & new things on Thursday 18 May!



Deeply rooted in jazz, but with branches such as soul, funk, hip hop and electronics, the stage, club and restaurant BIRD is the place for the cultural omnivore.

BIRD refers to the poetic nickname of American jazz saxophonist Charlie 'BIRD' Parker. BIRD stands for jazz, but also for warmth, soul, pizzas, metropolitan rawness, funk, hip-hop, electronics, good wines, no-nonsense beers, atmospheric listening concerts and frenzied 'party peopl...

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