Architecture, Sightseeing
The Binnenrotte market square is a cosmopolitan area featuring hypermodern architecture, like the Markthal. This characteristic area welcomes a flow of visitors on a daily basis and in the last few years there is an increase of travelers to this exiting Rotterdam hotspot.
It’s almost impossible to envision Rotterdam’s humble origins on this spot by the little Rotte River.
Eurovision Village
In May 2020 the Binnenrotte will be the place for the Eurovision Village. The market square is the official festival area for the Eurovision Song Contest where visitors can see live performances from artists and DJs, and watch the live broadcast shows.
Temporary relocation of the market
During the Song Contest, the market moves up for five times. That will be, including assembly and disassembly days, on 5, 9, 12, 16 and 19 of May. The market will be standing between the Librijesteeg (Binnenrotte) and the Jacobsplaats (parkering spaces). The fabric stalls will stay at the Hoogstraat (in front of the library). The Sunday market will also be moved twice: on 10 and 17 of May. However, the Sunday market can be moved in its entirety to another part on the Binnenrotte.

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