TREK Food Truck Festival

4 May 2016 by Summer Tse

As spring is already here, we love to go outside to grasp some food and drinks. Fortunately, the TREK food truck festival is officially starting in Rotterdam! It will take place from 6th until 8th May at Roel Langerakpark. The festival offers a large variety of foods, drinks and desserts in trucks besides other entertaining activities. What are you waiting for? The entrance is free!

From food to live music

There will be diverse food trucks on site, with different types of cuisine ranging from Asian, Mexican, European and much more! Not only will you find food trucks filled with delicious warm snacks, but also with sweet desserts and fresh cold drinks. For instance, there are brownies, cakes, ice cream and also Nutella crepes if you want something warm and sweet. There are many trucks that offer different types of breads with fillings such as hot dogs and burgers.

After grabbing some portion of delight, you might want to sit down and listen to the fun live music or watch theatrical performances. If you want to keep a monumental memory within the food truck festival, you can take instant photos inside one of the trucks designated as a photo booth.

Did you know? When you purchase a drink, you would have to pay € 2.50 for an exclusive TREK glass which is an environment-friendly substitute for the plastic cups and you can reuse it for the next drinks. You know what is better? You can take it home with you after the festival as a memoir.

Practical information

+The opening times are from 12:00 to 22:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
+Address: Energieweg 2, 3041 JC, Rotterdam
+The festival will take place near the Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam
+For more information, you can visit the Facebook page

– By our blogger: Summer Tse –