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Walking in Rotterdam

Do you love to get off the beaten track and are you always looking for authentic and unique places that you can’t find anywhere else? Follow in the footsteps of Rotterdam’s locals and experience the city as it really is.

Flyer Discover Rotterdam

Our Discover Rotterdam brochure contains two walking routes. Strolling along the Maas (13 km) takes you along the banks of the river that divides the city in two. The Food, fashion & design tour (9 km) shows you the restaurants, breweries, boutiques and galleries of creative Rotterdam. This guide, which also contains two cycling routes, can be ordered / viewed online and available at the locations of Rotterdam Tourist Information, where you can also get the Beeldenroute Westersingel, for example.


From a real city walk to “hiking” in nature on the outskirts of the city. The options of routes is huge. That is why we have made a selection:

Guided tours

Would you rather go with a guide? No problem, we have collected a number of good tour providers:

Also interesting!

Green spaces

Green spaces

One of the greenest cities
Cycling in and around Rotterdam

Cycling in and around Rotterdam

Larger distances
Rotterdam, always on

Rotterdam, always on

Also this winter