Madeleine Berkhemer

28 January 2023 till 7 May 2023


The themes of seduction and the (artist’s own) female body are central to the work of Madeleine Berkhemer (1973-2019). Kunsthal Rotterdam presents a retrospective exhibition of the work of this Rotterdam artist. Berkhemer worked across many artistic genres on the cutting edge of visual art, media, fashion, and performance. Among other things, her versatile body of work consists of explicit erotic drawings and pin-up photos, marble sculptures, everyday objects, installations, collages, and artworks for the public space. She also created abstract sculptural installations in which eroticism still plays an important role, for instance by using hosiery fabrics and rounded shapes.

Her alter egos Milly-Molly-Mandy are a common thread in her work. She used these three different characters to explore not only her own personal boundaries, but also the limitations of her art. No matter what genre or materials Berkhemer used, her work never leaves the audience unaffected. Her art is meant to provoke, tease, and seduce. 

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